Slow and Steady

Pain Management Programme week 1

Posted on: October 24, 2008

Well the first week was very interesting.
We went through the theory of chronic pain and the difference between acute and chronic pain. Why nothing works for curing chronic pain and different short term treatments.We also went through different techniques for lifting things, how to pace ourselves, the benefits of exercise and got videoed doing different everyday things (such as putting clothes in the washing machine, lifting a box from a shelf).
We also done some stretching exercises, as well as a very simple circuit training and we will be doing some stamina training too. We also wrote out goals to try for the next two weeks. Mine is trying to dance to half a salsa song, bring my life jacket in to practise on and to drive on weekends on a Sunday morning when it’s quiet.

My expectations were very different to what is actually out there.
I thought that it was going to help me learn to manage my pain (called baseline pain), however what is actually there for is to help you not get ‘flare ups’ (really bad pain days) so often. It will not however, help with the baseline pain.

I have however, lost a little weight this week. I’ve been doing some stretches everyday and the food is truly disgusting. I can’t eat it at all. Luckily my dad came and bought me enough food to last me the week.

I’ve done my exercises that they gave me today.


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