Slow and Steady

Pain Management Programme week 3

Posted on: November 9, 2008

This last week was all about moving forward. We were given ideas of what to do if we get into a flare up and advised to make up a flare up plan. This included a ‘comfort box’ that includes medication, something to help you relax and a distraction.
I had an awful flare up this week though and it was really hard to put those ideas into practise. When your pain shoots up you just can’t think. I will try and put on together though and try it out. Like the psychologist who worked there said they are just giving us a whole new set of tools, and you just have to pick out the ones you can work with.

We also had to write out what we had learnt from the course, here are some of the points I wrote.

  • I’ve learnt how to problem solve better
  • That I’m not alone. This one is so important to me.
  • The importance of everyday stretching. I can see improvements in three weeks.
  • Accepting the pain is here and is not going anywhere.
  • Realising I’m simply not going to be able to do some of the things I used to do at the level I used to do them at,
  • It better to to do less with the correct technique, instead of struggling ahead with bad technique. This is really in regards to my walking. I’ve been hobbling and limping, and taken to doing it quite fast to just get things done. I drag my feet and shuffle as long strides make my back feel like it’s going to break. I’ve started walking a little better and will continue to practise.

That is just a handful. There are many others, so on the whole I am happy I participated in the programme. It may not have told me things I wanted to hear, but things I needed.
The test will be how I take what I’ve learnt and apply it to my life.


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