Slow and Steady


Posted on: November 29, 2008

A pricebook can really help you cut down on the cost of your groceries. It’s basically a list of all your essentials (and/or non essentials) with the price and unit price next to it.

How to work out the unit price? Simple you divide how much the item costs by it’s weight/size.

So for example at the moment in Tesco conference pears are £1.68/kg loose or £1.58/kg by the bag. So it obviously makes sense to buy the bag if I can eat them all before they go off.

Oooh supermarkets do annoy me with their massive bag  sizes, I think they forget about singletons…. I suppose they assume all we need are ready meals!

I always carry mine when shopping, it’s a useful tool. My phone has a calculator on it, so I can tell immediately whether or not something is a bargain. I got the prices from and it saves me running around from supermarket to supermarket. Then when I have the opportunity to go to other shops like Lidl or Asda (my two closest supermarkets are Tesco and Sainsburys) I can immediately see which one is cheaper.

There are loads of different software tools to make a price book, but I’m happy with an address book for ease of carrying around. Interested? Here are a couple of links

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