Slow and Steady

First shopping trip of the week.

Posted on: December 1, 2008

I stayed at a friends from Saturday to this morning, so I didn’t get a chance to do my shop on Sunday as I like to. I’m thinking of changing the day though, because it’s getting busier and busier and I find it hard to stand up for too long a time. I’m off in the daytime so I should go then. I like going in the evening though as there are ‘whoopsies’.

Today I went to Tesco and they had some Royal Gala apples whoopsied to 38p. I also got my greens.The bananas looked awful so I decided to get them from Sainsburys instead.  I was going to get the mackerel, but my back started hurting and the queues were building up, so I joined one and left as soon as I could.

I didn’t have to cook today as I had the leftovers from my friends house, it was a lovely chilli! I bought her some of my tomatoes and some garlic cloves as she had ran out, so I’ll need to replace them. I have also ran out of butter as it is my friends birthday this week and I made her some of the world famous… Or should I say website famous homemade hobnobs. I only had an ounce of butter left, and it made exactly six, not even enough for me to have a quick tester.*sulk* I’m going to post tomorrow.

Now I do like a little butter on my bread so I might buy some of that this week too.

I’m going to try my hand at bread again. Now the first time I made it was very yeasty and didn’t rise properly. I was using Delia’s no knead wholemeal recipe. It wasn’t until afterwards when I actually read the instructions on the yeast tin, that I realised the yeast needed to be made up in a totally different way to what the recipe said. So I’m going to try and make it the labels way and see if it makes a difference.

Total spent so far:

Greens 78p

Reduced Apples 38p

Total = £1.16

Still need to get

Bananas 99p

Tomatoes 66p (Sainsburys basic, maybe I’ll get lucky and see them reduced!)

Garlic 39p (Sainsburys basic)

Butter84p (Basic one, same price in Mr T and Mr S)

Mackerel £2.29

So that’s £6.33 I’ll spend this week in total which is great! I wanted to get some tinned tomatoes from Lidl, but that can wait until next week.I was going to buy some olives to snack on but they’ll have to wait too. I usually buy two types of vegetables, but I haven’t this week as I still have the carrots from last week. They are looking a little limp though, if they don’t hold out, I might need to use the spare funds to buy some veg.


2 Responses to "First shopping trip of the week."

Not sure what happened there i left a comment and now its gone ??

Just to say you can make condensed milk from dried milk which may save a bit .

re: snacks as you have oats why not try fruity cereal bars(buy the kids snack pack size if you dont want to spend too much)

I do the opposite buy in bulk then shop at home when needed


Oooh thanks Shaz! I’m going to attempt that this weekend and see how it comes out.

Thanks for the cereal bars idea. I’ve got some dried fruit so I will go and find some recipes

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