Slow and Steady

What I cooked today.

Posted on: December 2, 2008

Well I had to use up the carrots. They were really really soft and turning black so I dumped them into a soup. I made cabbage and carrot soup which sounds yucky but is actually really nice. I sauteed the carrot, cabbage onion and garlic first in a little butter so that the cabbage wouldn’t have that boiled cabbage  smell. It tastes really lovely and it took the carrots colour so no murky green look. I used 3 carrots and a good lot of cabbage leaves. I would say that the soup probably is about 2 portions of veg for each bowl. I might class it as just one portion of veg to be on the safe side.

I also made up my tomato sauce. I use it for quite a lot and I like to have it in my fridge  to add to dishes quickly. I sautee the onions and garlic in olive oil and then I add some real tomatoes, and then a tin of chopped tomatoes. I put it on a gentle heat and leave for about an hour until it gets jammy looking. It’s a really intense tomato flavour. I could just spread it on bread and eat just like that!

I cooked up 4 portions of pearl barley as well. Now I’m going to be experimenting with this because I usually only put it in stews, but a lady from one of my favourite forums on moneysaving expert worked out that it is the cheapest starchy accompaniment. I’m going to try it as use it as I would rice. It takes ages to cook so I thought I would cook it up and put it in the freezer already portioned. However… The pack says 50g per person so I cooked 200g when it was dry. After cooking it doubled and 100g person looks huge! I think I may bag it up with 70g in each bag so I should get nearly 6 portions from it.

I really need to soak the labels off *blush*

I also mixed up some bread. I haven’t cooked it yet though. I made the yeast up as the instructions stated and this time it’s rising nicely. 🙂

I made the cabbage rolls for my dinner today. I used soya mince with rice. I seasoned it with… Tomato ketchup. I know that sounds disgusting, but I really like ketchup on my rice. I served it with some stemed carrots and some of the tomato mix before it got to the jammy stage. I had a lovely picture, but I deleted it by accident!

So today I have had

2 Apples

No lunch, I got up too late.

A packet of crisps I found in my car.

Cabbage rolls filled with rice and soya mince with carrots and tomatoes.

I definitely got a 5 fruit and veg in. I would say 2 portions of carbs too and 1 portein of protein?


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