Slow and Steady

My healthy eating enemies…

Posted on: December 4, 2008

I have been very good with my eating. I simply can’t afford to eat badly. The only time I eat naughty things is round my friends house, and I try not to go out too often. I also don’t have alcohol in the house because it is expensive and I drink it too easily because I like the taste.

However some unhealthy things have made their way into my home! My Aunty in New York has the best next door neighbour. She makes the loveliest cakes and the first time I went, she really  liked me so every time my mum goes to New York, she bakes me a cake. Now because she is American the cake is HUGE! My mum and I split it and it’s still bigger than a normal size cake. It’s also delicious. It’s not very light, but not too heavy and the icing…

I took a piece for my sick friend yesterday and will take her another piece today, but I don’t want to share! As it’s homemade, it has to be eaten sooner rather than later.

I’m going to adjust my portion sizes so I can eat cake. It really is lovely, and it would be rude to not eat it I think when she has made so much effort.

The other enemy that has found its way into my quarters is Sorrel. Jamaican Sorrel. My granny makes it every Christmas and it’s gorgeous, but it”s got a lot wine and rum in it. Here’s an article about it.

It never actually lasts for more than a day in my presence, but what I’m going to do this time is force myself to have a glass a week… Maybe two… No No just one!

I am doing so well, my jeans are getting loose again. The only jeans that I have that fit me are my ‘fat’ jeans that I had for my pmt week. They were never supposed to fit properly and I’ve been living in them for the past few months.


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