Slow and Steady

That time of the month.

Posted on: December 7, 2008

Yes that time of the month (TOM) has rolled around again.Why is that significant in a blog about healthy eating?

Well I have endometrosis.

It’s very very painful, and I can spend the whole of my period in bed. A few years ago, I had a laparoscopy. I was in bed for months after from the pain and, to my dismay, I was still having painful periods afterwards.

The next year, I decided to go and do a fast in Thailand.  The first day of my fast I came on my period. Now as painful as it is, it’s very regular, so I was very annoyed as it came early.

When I spoke to the doctor there, they reminded me that periods are a form of cleansing. It stopped after three days with no pain, I was so happy.

When I came back from Thailand, I was eating raw food only. I done that for about 6 weeks, and I felt great. My period was light and painfree. As I started to introduce cooked foods back into my diet, I noticed my periods were getting heavier again.

So I scaled back, and only had cooked foods for dinner. That seemed to be the right way for my body, so I stuck to that for a long time.

Then life started throwing curveballs and suddenly I was eating worse that I ever did and put back on the weight I had lost fasting and more. Once everything had calmed down, I was determined to lose the weight, so I started looking at new diets.

I found Jay Robbs 3 day fruit flush.

It worked, I lost weight and felt great. Coincidently, it was around that time of the month when I done the fruit flush, and I had absolutely no period pains. So every month, I would only eat fruit and veg and lean meat/fish for 3 days.

I stopped doing this after the accident I had in January and my period pains have come back in full force.

I’m in enough pain as it is from the accident, and I moan enough about the pains I can’t control.

I can control my time of the month pains. Can I afford to though?

I usually eat a portion of fruit every two hours between 8am and 4 pm. That’s 5 portions of fruit per day.

The veg is usually a salad with cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet peppers, carrots and cucumber. Sometimes avocado if I find some ripe ones.

As it is winter, I think I will also steam veggies too so I can have something warm. I will also have some kind of protein like fish, chicken or turkey.

So three days is 15 pieces of fruit. Plus another 8 for the rest of the week, that’s 23 pieces of fruit.

I’ve priced up this shopping list on for Sainsburys

Half a cucumber


White cabbage






A pack of chicken thighs and legs

It came up to £7.28 There are not 23 pieces of fruit there, there are 21. However I still have a banana and 2 apples left from last week, so I am well within my fruit limit.

That is really good isn’t it? Do you think it would be cheaper in the market? Even adding on parking costs?

I can’t carry anything heavy which is why supermarkets are so good for me right now. If I could find someone to take me to the market tomorrow, I would have gone to see if it was cheaper.


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