Slow and Steady

Shopping today.

Posted on: December 8, 2008

I’ve just come back from shopping and I have to say I’m pleased with myself today. I spent less than I was expecting. Sainsburys have got in basic apples loose, cheaper than the price of what they are in the bag.  I managed to get 7 big, and I mean big, apples that are nearly red (I don’t really like green apples unless in a crumble) for cheaper than 7 in a bag would have been. I also realised that tomatoes were cheaper loose too.

The loose bananas, while cheaper, were still very green. I wouldn’t have been able to eat them until next week ,so I bought the small ones I usually buy on special offer for 99p.

I saw some vegetable stir-fry whoopsied to 75p from a £1, I know not that much of a reduction, but I usually have a stir-fry once a week and thought I would freeze them and use it as needed. I love beansprouts, it will make my stir-fry more authentic.

Half a cucumber, carrots, white cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, pears, apples, bananas, a pack of chicken thighs and legs, and a bag of vegetables to stir-fry.

Total £7.53

3 pence over, but as I spent well under my budget last week, so I don’t mind. If I didn’t buy the stir-fry, it would have only been £6.78.


2 Responses to "Shopping today."


Do beansprouts freeze ok i always end up throwing half a bag away when we have them.

I have been filling my freezer with whoopsied peppers and mushrooms as well as the stuff from the garden

Will be doing a Storecupboard challenge in January to use a bit of stock up ie make space for more!!


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