Slow and Steady

Abandoning my poor blog.

Posted on: December 13, 2008

A personal entry.

If you read the why I’m here, section you’ll know that I was in an accident and am living on my savings. Alas, the well is starting to run dry and I’ve realised that I am going to have to rent out my home and move back into the family home. I’ve had estate agents coming round, but have managed to find a private tenant which is good… However they want to be in before Christmas which means I have to move out this week.

It’s a very sad time for me, I know I’m lucky to have the option of moving into somewhere else but I worked very hard to get my own property and now, through no fault if my own exactly a year later (My insurance runs out the day I leave) I’m leaving again, and am in constant pain too. I’m upset and angry it has come to this.

It’s the right thing to do, and maybe not worrying about the bills will make my recuperation process faster.

I’m still having to pay part of my mortgage as the rent is not going to cover it. I’m also going to have to pay insurance and I’ve taken out boiler/plumbing insurance so I won’t have to run around looking someone if something goes wrong. I’m still going to have to budget very carefully and so my £7.50 a week for groceries will still stand. My family do not eat healthily and aren’t very good with money, so my meals will probably be made separately and definitely from my own budget.

I could try and be positive but I’m not in the mood at all, and am going to let myself be sad this weekend and on Monday I’ll get on with it. I have a million and one things to do and so I might not be able to update much this week. When I move back, I’m also going to be moving the family internet from dialup (yes dialup it still exists) to my wireless provider and apparently it takes up to 10 working days to change over. I will try and go to the library and update when I can though.


1 Response to "Abandoning my poor blog."

I hope everything goes Ok for you with the move and that you feel better soon

Living with constant pain is hard on your mind and body i have cervical spondylosis a spine degenerative condition and have had highs and lows over the last 8 months

I hate taking the painkillers and blockers but can’t function without them ,somedays i can’t cope with them either

I enjoy reading your blog and my heart goes out to you but know you will pick yourself up and get on with it


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