Slow and Steady

Finally! I’m back!!

Posted on: March 15, 2009


I’ve been trying really hard to decide what to do with this blog. Yes, I’m still trying to eat healithy, and yes I’m still broke, however something has changed.

I’ve moved back  in with my mum.

Now my mum can’t cook doesn’t really like cooking, so we’ve got into this quite comfortable routine that she does the grocery shopping, and I cook.

Here’s the problem though… She doesn’t buy healthy stuff. She’s one of those really annoying people who are naturally slim, so doesn’t have any need to watch her weight at all.

What I’ve now decided to do, is blog my process of trying to make healthy meals from what she has bought.

I look forward to doing this, I shall start this week.


1 Response to "Finally! I’m back!!"

hey glad you are back.

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