Slow and Steady

Take some manky carrots…

Posted on: April 8, 2009

My mum wanted to throw these carrots away.

I hate waste, so I took them and made the following:

Carrot Cake muffins

Carrot and Parsnip soup

Jamaican style carrot juice (not healthy in the slightest… Wonder why it’s so pale? That’ll be the condensed milk!)

Well I done pretty well don’t you think? But that’s not all…

This is the pulp left from making the carrot juice. I was determined to think of a way to use them and thought of a recipe that I’ve been meaning to try for a while.

Veggie burgers! I found the recipe on the old style  boards of money saving expert.

It’s lentils mixed with sage and onion stuffing. I added the carrot and they were lovely!


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