Slow and Steady

Crater face

Posted on: April 10, 2009

I usually use castile soap on my face that I get sent to me by a friend who goes to the States often.

However Royal Mail has lost my bloody package, and the prices over here are really expensive. I decided to wait until my friend is back Stateside next week, and use Dove instead.

My face has exploded with cystic bumps and whiteheads. I’m soooo pissed off. I’ve been taking msm and omega369 not only to help with joint pain, but also because they are good for your skin too.

My meds and the stress I’ve been feeling for the past year has really left my skin looking bad, and I was finally getting making some headway and now it’s not even back to square one… It’s about minus 8. 😦

I feel so ugly right now, not only am I bumpy, but I decided to try a new threadist (50p cheaper than my usual one, every penny counts and all that), and she took off damn near all my eyebrows, and they were uneven! I’m having to grow them back fully before I can get them back in their usual shape.

So I look like a shaggy eyebrowed spotty teenager who can’t even buy alcohol!

I decided to  look around the net for homemade spot remedies and came across the aspirin mask reviews and decided to give it a go. I decided to mix it with some aztec clay, and honegar. In case you’re wondering how on earth I have all this weird and wonderful ingredients on tap, I’m a bit of a kitchen beautician. I make my own body cream, scrubs, and some hair products too.  I like going the natural route where I can.

My spots look less angry and seem to be drying out, and the rest my skin feels so soft! I think I’m going to do this twice a week. The non spotty bits of my face looks poreless and silky smooth, it’s so hard to try and  not touch it.

Fingers crossed my package turns up.


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