Slow and Steady

Wealthy and Healthy weekly goals review

Posted on: April 11, 2009

This week to help me reach my Healthy aim:

I done my stretches most mornings.

I done my own version of walk away the pounds to 1 song most days (walk away the pounds is an exercise dvd that marches on the spot, it is good for people returning to exercise)

I went to the pool and done my hydrotherapy exercises in the water. I only made it once this week. The kids are off school and there are only about 3 adult only slots in the week. I had planned to Friday, but had a flare so couldn’t drive.

What could I have done better:

Do my stretches all mornings

Paced myself better

Ate better. I didn’t make a meal plan this week and it shows.

This week to help me reach my Wealthy aim:

I researched ISAs and found a great one that is run by a credit union at work for employees.  The application form is on its way.

I took out Save and Invest with Alvin Hall, Which? Way to Save and Invest and Mastering Personal Finance by John Gorham from the library.

I’ve applied for a credit card… I know that doesn’t seem like a good thing, however it’s a cashback credit card. I am disciplined and I’m going to use it for everything to earn cash on what I spend. I have a savings account linked to my current account, so the plan is every time I spend on the credit card, I’ll move the money from my current account into the savings account (it’s instant) until the credit card bill comes, and I’ll then move it back into my current account and pay the bill off. Sounds complicated, but is actually quite easy. I’ll be honest, it’s not looking hopeful, I’m not sure that my mums address has  good credit history.

Researched some personal finance blogs, and virtual investing sites.

What could I have done better?

Actually started reading the blogs instead of flitting about on facebook.

Researched how to make this blog earn me some money.

Checked out the credit history on the house before applying for a card (doh, I really do know better!)

What have you done for your goals? What could you have done better?


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