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Paid surveys for the week.

Posted on: April 12, 2009

As I explained in my Christmas While Broke posts, I earn money for completing online surveys. They don’t come along often, but they do add up.

I’ll be honest though, I don’t really check whether or not I’m being paid properly. I’ve decided to change that.

I’ll be doing a weekly post that will list the surveys I’ve been sent, from whom, whether I completed it, or got rejected after a few questions.

I will not state what the surveys are about, as that would be breaking the terms and conditions.

06 April Pinecone survey.

08 April, Pinecone paid me through paypal.

08 April Received a Tesco survey to find out if I’m eligible to test a product at home.

9th April received a that’s what I think survey. It was about 5 minutes and I earned 500 points. You need 1500 points to claim a £5 Amazon gift voucher. It has changed, it used to pay out with paypal. I don’t receive many surveys from them at all.

Valued Opinions 75p

Home of research 100 point (£1)


2 Responses to "Paid surveys for the week."

i should sign up for more surveys. I only do the YouGov surveys, sometimes you get loads to do then nothing. I amd about £2 away from recieving my 1st £20 which they send via cheque to you in the post

I’m signed up for YouGov and haven’t received any surveys for months! These ones are better as they are little and often.

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