Slow and Steady

Plans for the week.

Posted on: April 12, 2009

Personal finances.

What I’m going to do is live solely off a benefit I receive of £28 a week. This will include all food, petrol etc. I want to start saving aggressively to build back up my emergency fund.

I’m going to start reading the investment books I got out of the library staring with the Alvin Hall book. It’s a little book, so I’ll probably finish it in a day.

Meal plans

I’m going to use a lot of the leftovers that are in the freezer this week.  I’m probably going to be home alone as my sister usually stays in her friends house over the holiday.

I’m only listing the evening meals, as breakfast and lunch are pretty much the same every day. For brekkie, I usually have fruit and cereal, and for lunch it’s soup with whatever leftover veggies I have. This week it’s going to be broccoli and mushroom soup, and I’ll make a loaf for me to have bread with that.


Macaroni and cheese and broccoli


Sweet peppers stuffed with greens and mackerel with a potato.


Sardines with pasta


A surprise. There is something in the freezer that isn’t labeled, and I’m not sure what it is. I’m going to defrost it and cook accordingly.


If no leftovers from Thursday, cornmeal porridge with crackers


Saturday soup


Rice and peas with stewed beef.

I have frozen berries, apples, mandarins, and pineapple left from last week. That should do me fine until maybe the middle of the week.

The shopping list I’ll need to create this is:

Fruit and Fibre cereal for breakfast.

Wholemeal bread flour for the bread I’ll eat with my lunch.

Crackers for the porridge.

Carrots for the soup on Saturday.

Mushrooms for the stewed beef on Sunday. I’m thinking of buying the frozen ones, as they are easier to use in stews and they’ll be less wastage.

I checked on and Sainsburys has come out the cheapest this week (fruit not included yet) at £3.86. If you haven’t used my supermarket before, take a look, it’s a very handy tool.

Overall Wellbeing plans

Do my stretches everyday upon waking up.

Go to the pool to do my hydrotherapy exercises twice this week.

Pace myself, don’t try and do too many things in one day.

Work through Career Change for dummies twice this week.

Do something everyday in Spanish, even if it just listening to a song.

Use the clay and aspirin facial on my face, it was fab!


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