Slow and Steady

The unintentional suicide attempt.

Posted on: April 17, 2009

I left one of the gas rings on Wednesday night.

Now before I went to bed I thought I could smell gas and went to check it, but it looked like it was off. What I didn’t do is physically check.

I woke up on Thursday afternoon very disorientated and nauseous. I went downstairs and saw the the gas knob out of place. I switched it off right away and opened the windows and the front door. I sat in my car for half hour and then went back inside and done a little tidying up. I started feeling more and more sick and dizzy. I rang NHS direct to see if there was something else I could do, she told me to get to A&E immediately. Now I don’t like a lot of fuss, so rather than get an ambulance like she told me to, I got a cab.

Once I got there they were quite good, they worked out how long I was exposed to gas (18 hours), tested my blood, and put me on oxygen for hours.

However I made the mistake of appearing to saying something that sounded like a suicide case.

Nurse: So what happened?

Me: I left the cooker on all night and now I’m feeling sick

Nurse: Why did you leave the cooker on?

Me: Because I was upset and fed up.

Wrong answer!

Within an hour there was a psychiatrist down asking all sorts of questions. I got very upset like I usually do when I talk about my chronic pain. She started talking about me staying in so they can make sure I was safe and ‘in a better head space’.

I was getting quite upset, then I thought about it and realised if I got too emotional, they would probably think they’d be justified in admitting me, so I stayed very calm, stated I was fine, and that I just needed some sleep.

Eventually I told them that my house was unsecure as I had left all the windows open, and asked if they were going to cover me as my insurance would be invalid.

They then decided to let me go home, and said they’ll be writing to my doctor and suggesting counselling. I didn’t think it was the time to mention my doctor had said the same thing the day before!

My thumbs are still hurting though and I can’t move my wrists properly. Apparently when they need to check for carbon monoxide, they need to take it from a specific part of your body which is about where the pulse in your wrist is. They are quite swollen and painful, but it could have been worse eh?


2 Responses to "The unintentional suicide attempt."

well I am so glad that you are okay. phew that must have been scary.

I didn’t realise the seriousness of the situation until I was on oxygen at the hospital.

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