Slow and Steady

Review of goals this week

Posted on: April 18, 2009

Here were the goals I planned for the week. What actually happened is in blue.

Personal finances.

What I’m going to do is live solely off a benefit I receive of £28 a week. This will include all food, petrol etc. I want to start saving aggressively to build back up my emergency fund.

I’m going to start reading the investment books I got out of the library staring with the Alvin Hall book. It’s a little book, so I’ll probably finish it in a day.

I opened an ISA at a great rate this week.

I stayed in budget.

I cancelled the Halifax credit card I had so I’ll be able to re-apply for their cashback card, and found out I was accepted for the Leeds BS cashback credit card.

I read the Alvin Hall book, my review is here. Definitely one I need to add to the collection.

Meal plans

I’m going to use a lot of the leftovers that are in the freezer this week.  I’m probably going to be home alone as my sister usually stays in her friends house over the holiday.

I’m only listing the evening meals, as breakfast and lunch are pretty much the same every day. For brekkie, I usually have fruit and cereal, and for lunch it’s soup with whatever leftover veggies I have. This week it’s going to be broccoli and mushroom soup, and I’ll make a loaf for me to have bread with that.

I did use up some meals from the freezer. It somehow went wrong after the good/bad news on Wednesday. I’ve realised I am quite an emotional eater and Wednesday just picked on the home made bread instead of eating properly. Thursday was spent in the hospital and Friday I had fruit and soup.

Overall Wellbeing plans

Do my stretches everyday upon waking up.

After Tuesday when I done too much, I didn’t sleep properly, so no stretches on done Wednesday, which sent me on a spiral for the week.

Go to the pool to do my hydrotherapy exercises twice this week.

As my sleep pattern was interrupted, I slept through all the adult only sessions at the pool.

Pace myself, don’t try and do too many things in one day.

On Tuesday I walked further than I knew I could manage, and it was bad planning. It started a spiral, it’s just so hard to come to terms with the fact I cannot do normal things.

Work through Career Change for dummies twice this week.

I have finished it. It was a good book, but very American based. I enjoyed working through it though.

Do something everyday in Spanish, even if it just listening to a song.

Well one Tuesday I met with a new intercambio, he’s very intense and I’m not sure I am going to see him often. We didn’t even talk in Spanish!

Use the clay and aspirin facial on my face, it was fab!

I have used this 3 times this week. My face is looking very spotty right now, but I was expecting that. Hopefully by next week it would have cleared all the gunk out and my skin will be looking good.

Reading it through, I think I done better than I thought I had.

I need to not let bad news take me that off track.

I had a heart to heart with a friend, and she told me that it hurts her to see me struggle with things that is obvious I cannot do. She said I need to be easier on myself, allow myself to feel upset instead of pushing myself too hard and to ask for help.

After a lot of thought I agree. I can see why she says that. I get so down on myself sometimes, it’s just hard when you’ve always been independent to suddenly realise that you need people to do what was once a very basic task.

She also said that instead of trying to find a cause for the pain, I need to accept it as just being there and learn to deal with it.

I cannot do that.

I cannot accept that this is it, with no reason. How can that be?


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