Slow and Steady

Review of Save and invest with Alvin Hall

Posted on: April 18, 2009

This book is so little, it’s 138 pages including the index and is about the size of a small diary. It has seven chapters.

The blurb promises that Alvin Hall will show you in a no nonsense style why and how to save and invest, and that he’ll be covering setting targets, where to save, understanding risk, and whether or not you can afford to invest.

There is no introduction, the first chapter kicks off with why people save and different saving methods. He also explains clearly why it is better to pay debt off before saving.

Each chapter is explained in normal everyday language, and he uses himself as an example frequently which not only helps you understand the point, but also makes the situation a bit more real as you try to imagine what you would do.

When it comes to explaining different areas of investing, it is broken down so simply you wonder why you never thought to try investing before. He encourages you to read the Financial Times and to try virtual investing before you use your own money.

He goes through each type of investment and explains the risk behind each one.

He covers a lot of ground in this tiny book, and while not in great depth,  it is enough for you to feel confident about reading the FT without feeling stupid.

It is very much a beginners book, and I am going to buy this as it would be a handy guide to have around and dip in and out for for reference.

A big thumbs up from me.


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