Slow and Steady

Goals for the week

Posted on: April 19, 2009

After the discussion I have had with my friend who told me I was pushing myself too hard, I’ve decided to have a two tiered approach to my goals this week. The first tier are ‘musts’ and the second tier are ‘would like tos’.

1st tier

In bed before midnight.

I have messed my sleeping pattern up and so I’m going to bed at 4/5 am and waking up late in the afternoon. I’m not working at the moment, so some would say it doesn’t matter, however I feel like I’m losing time that could be spent in the library or doing something with my day.

Drink water.

I had been drinking 2 litres of water everyday up until a fortnight ago and then just stopped.


Even though it doesn’t help the pain go away, I feel better when I stretch regularly. I’ve found some stretches that can be done without lying down (I don’t have the space) and so will start my daily stretching again.

5 minutes of movement everyday.

I know that trying to walk outside is too much, so I’m going to walk on the spot, maybe even dance (!) to a 5 minute song.

Read and review another investment book.

I have the Daily Mail’s Saving and Investment guide from the library.

2nd Tier

Spanish Grammar.

Work through the book I have, just half and hour per day.

Go to the pool twice this week.

The timetable should be back to normal and I can go and do my exercises without the pool being too busy.

Looking at these goals, they look really simple and way too easy. It is however the amount I can do without making myself flare up.


Meal Plan


Tuna and pasta with vegetables


Lamb chops with potatoes and vegetables


Spaghetti Bolognese (a mix of meat and soya mince)


Leftovers of one of these meals


Prawns and rice.




Stewed chicken with rice and peas.

Breakfast is fruit and fibre and fruit. Luch will be  carrot and lentil soup.


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