Slow and Steady

New pain.

Posted on: April 19, 2009

*deep sigh*

I’ve always been consistent with the type of pain I have. It feels like a nut is in the base of my spine, and everytime I walk, it’s being screwed tighter and tighter until it feels impossible to move my legs.

My neck is a pressing feeling on the base near the shoulder, that makes it hard to lift up my arm, and I get pins and needles and numbness in my left arm.

Saturday though, came a new pain. It left me breathless because it was sudden and unusual. It was in the base of my spine, and it felt like a pin had been stuck in there and everytime I moved, it was dug deeper. It happened just as I was leaving the house. I wonder what the hell that is about.


2 Responses to "New pain."

wow. that’s tough to read. I’ve dealt with my share of physical pain; it wears one down. Especially if it continues for any length of time (> 2 months).

best wishes to you, ggw

Thank you ggw.

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