Slow and Steady

Receipts and surveys for the week.

Posted on: April 19, 2009

Even though I have given myself a budget of £28 a week, I only took out £25.

£10 Groceries

£11 Taxi to and from hospital

£3.05 Financial times weekend and a bottle of water.

That means I have the grand total of £95 p left, or £3.95 if you include the money I didn’t take out.

As you can see if I didn’t have to go to hospital, I would have been left a large chunk of my budget.

From now until The Real Food Festival, any money I save will be my spending money for that festival.


Surveys for the week.

13th April- Ipsos panel survey: I wasn’t eligible for it.

14th April- Lightspeed & Valued Opinions: I wasn’t eligible for it.

15th April- Ipsos: 300 points : Pinecone: £3

16th April – Paid for Pinecone survey

17th April – Valued opinions survey: £1, Lightspeed: 80 points, Lightspeed: Not eligible.


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