Slow and Steady

A quiet day.

Posted on: April 21, 2009

I was still a bit sore today, and so I took some advice from a very good friend of mine and rested today. I was supposed to go to the pool to do my exercises, however I’ll do them tomorrow.

I rested, read a book for my crime reading group by Jeffrey Archer. I’ll write a review on it later in the week.

My Leeds BS credit card came today! I assume the pin will follow and then I can start using it for cashback.  I’ve worked it out and if I use it to for my full £28 a week every week, I’ll earn 56p a month. I know it’s nothing significant, but it’s better than nothing at all.

If I get the Halifax one, it will be £1.12 a month assuming it all goes on food and petrol. Still not much, but much better than the Leeds one.

I’ve been think about other ways I can learn Spanish and went on gumtree and there are tutors there for about £12 an hour. I’d have less hours than the course, but it will be one to one!


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