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Are you the same person you were in school?

Posted on: April 21, 2009

I was back in a classroom for the first time in over 10 years yesterday, and was interested to see that all the personalities that make up a usual class are still the same.

The goody two shoes (GTS), the know-it-all (KIA), the class clowns (CC1, CC2), the nice but dim one (NBD), and the one who kind of is a bit of everything (MIX) were all there. I couldn’t believe it!

I started thinking about the different types…

The goody two shoes.

Homework is always done, pays attention to the teacher, and gets annoyed with the clowns and dim one for holding up the class. The GTS also is secretly jealous of the KIA because they wished they knew the answers as easily, and is very happy when the KIA gets something wrong.  Of course they wouldn’t show all this. That would tarnish they GTS image.

The know it all.

Appears to find the work easy, and always cuts in with the right answer for a question they probably were not asked. The KIA will not hide their frustration with the clowns and will laugh at the dim one to their face.  They always seem to be far ahead. If the teacher says read chapter 20, they read up to chapter 25 and start talking about the following chapters in class to look really smart. The teacher usually hates them as the KIA messes up their lesson plan.

The KIA works hard at home to keep up the façade of intelligence in class and are very likely not that smart. They just don’t have a life out of the classroom, and no friends, so they have plenty of time to study. They are secretly jealous of CC1, as they seem to be intelligent AND have friends.

The class clown

There are 2 types of class clown:

Type 1

This clown is really intelligent, they fool around because they have done the work and are bored, and are sometimes scared of looking smart in case people think they are a GTS or KIA.  At times they wish they didn’t have to be funny, as they always seem to be in trouble, but decide being  friendless like the KIA is worse then getting into trouble.

Type 2

This clown finds school really hard. They aren’t stupid, but just can’t do the work, but are too ashamed to admit it, so try to disguise it by causing general mayhem in the class. When you get them alone, you’ll usually find they are quite shy and scared of looking silly.

Nice But Dim

They are the ones that stare blankly at teacher and have no clue what is going on. They try their hardest to keep up, but just finds it so hard, so they sit quietly and hope the teacher doesn’t call on them. If the teacher does, they’ll open their book as though they are looking for the answer, and pray that the KIA butts in as usual (which of course they do). Everyone sort of feels a bit sorry for this one, but not enough to partner with them for an exercise or project.

The mixture

This one seems to be everyone’s best friend. They hang around with all the others at different intervals. They’re usually in the higher ability group so will hang out with GTS as the class will be full of them. They’ll also sit in the top tier classes with CC1 and get into trouble, and will secretly help CC2 with their work in breaktimes. They talk to the KIA and find them quite funny and a bit odd. The MIX will probably defend the NBD one to the others, and will end up being their partner in lessons that aren’t separated by ability and do most of the work.

They secretly wish they could be one of the other characters to feel part of a group and not flitting about on the edges, but doesn’t want to change to fit in.

I’ve not worked in an office environment, so don’t know if it’s the same there too, but do you ever really change your basic class personality?

I was the mix at school, and realised yesterday that in a class setting I’m still the same

I have to admit; I was surprised as there were two characters I didn’t expect to see when you pay for a course.

Class Clown type 2

If you don’t want to do the homework, and not really understanding the work, why are you paying to do it? Unlike school it’s entirely voluntary.

Nice But Dim

Granted, the course is not accredited, but why has the tutor let this person pay again when they are clearly lagging behind? There are lower level courses. You know this person couldn’t pronounce the words, couldn’t read from the book and answer the questions.

He kept saying ‘I don’t know the answer to that question’. I thought ‘he can say that really well’, then realisedthe phrase was hanging up on the wall behind me!

It’s sad that they are taking his money, but surely he’s accountable too? He knows he’s struggling so why doesn’t he stop paying?


2 Responses to "Are you the same person you were in school?"

This post is hilarious! Can’t believe you can still find such characters like you said in an environment where they are paying lol.

I was so baffled. Why be there? There really is nowt stranger than folk!

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