Slow and Steady

Back in the pool

Posted on: April 22, 2009

*content sigh*

The kids are back at school so I can go and do my exercises in peace. I love being in the water, it’s the only time I can stretch without hurting.

They are doing adult swimming classes and I’m thinking about enrolling. If the pool is going to be my only mode of exercise, I think the lessons will be a real help.

I’m not a confident swimmer at all, let me tell you an embarrassing tale.

I was in Nassau, and had been lying on the inflatable beds and would float in the sea. This particular day though, the beds were all hired, so instead I used a rubber dinghy. When you sign the floating equipment out, they make you sign a contract that states you will pay $100 if you lose the equipment. I laughed and asked how on earth someone could lose a massive yellow dinghy.

So there I am floating away, I close my eyes and feel the sun warming my bones. Then I feel something hit my arm.

I open my eyes, and I’ve somehow floated all the way out to the rope that cuts you off from the rest of the sea. I tried to use my arms as oars and get back to the beach, but the dinghy was too big and I couldn’t get my arms and legs into the water.

I saw one of my work colleagues, so I called her over and asked her to help me. She said she’d hold the dinghy and I should swim back to shore. I said yes, and started to take deep breaths to get me ready for going into the sea at such a deep level. All of a sudden I was in the water! She had pulled the dinghy before I was ready, so I panicked and screamed. Then I calmed myself and started doing the backstroke.

Next thing I knew, there was a pair of arms tugging me.

When I screamed my colleague had called the lifeguard and in waving her hands, had let go of the dinghy.

When the life guard asked me how I was, I said ‘I’m cool, but I’m not paying $100 so go save the dinghy’. So off he went, and by the time I got to shore, my colleagues had all gathered together and started fussing over me. Once they realised I was alright, the teasing began.

So yes, I definitely think lessons are needed.


I’ve been having problems downloading my photos from my phone, it’s really annoying because I like keeping a photo food diary. Hopefully I’ll manage to work it out.


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