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So I checked my credit report…

Posted on: April 23, 2009

I got a letter from Leeds BS to say they have changed their mind about the credit card, and have refused me.

I was baffled, so decided to check my credit report.

It’s a mess!

Here are the main problems:

My address hasn’t been changed on the electoral roll.

I let the council know that I’ve moved, and while they are quick enough to send me a council tax bill, they haven’t changed my details with the credit agencies.

My debt payment has not come off.

They seem to only update in the middle of the month, so it’s still showing that I have a balance and loads of credit, when in actual fact, I only have one card with no balance.

I’ve got loads of searches on there.

I completely forgot that I had applied for a Tesco credit card back in December. Shortly after I applied, I had to move so didn’t complete the application, but it’s still on my credit report.

There is also loads of checks from car insurance companies, but they should be coming off at the end of this month.

There isn’t really much I can do. I’ve phoned the council’s electoral services to change address, and they told me they needed it in writing, so I’ll be posting that today. I’ll have to wait until the credit card companies have updated their details for the debt to come off my report. From the looks of it, that is going to take about 2 months as the balance on the report is 2 months out of date.

I will definitely not apply for anything else until my report has been updated and looks healthy.


While I was in a financial mood, I took a look at how much interest is currently being paid to the savings account linked on to my current account, and it’s 0.01%…Nonsense!

I had a quick look at instant access savings accounts that are paying a decent rate and funnily enough, it was still the company I have my current account with, so I’ve applied for that and will use that in future.


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if the debt has been settled like last month and they have not updated your credit file they can do so instantly. it only takes 24hours to update. however some financial institutions like to drag their feet.

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