Slow and Steady

Weekly skin care update.

Posted on: April 24, 2009

As I posted previously, my skin has been looking bad.

Before the skin update though, I have something very important to declare…

I’ve got my eyebrows threaded!

It makes such a difference, I’m definitely going to stick with my usual threadist instead of splitting hairs over tuppence.


On a hair and beauty forum I frequent, there has been a lot ladies sharing their experience of Erno Laszlo products and the set technique you have to do when using the products.

The comments that caught my attention were the ones that were using their own products, but had incorporated the technique into the regimens. These ladies had read Mary Ann Crenshaw’s  book, which uses a similar technique, but requires products to be a certain PH level.

The technique is very simple;

Fill the basin with comfortably hot water.

Dip your soap in the water and rub all over your face, then massage in until it lathers up.

Splash your face 20 times with the water in the basin.

Empty the sink, and splash a further 10 times with running water.

Use a toner then moisturise.

The ladies who had read the book said Ms Crenshaw states that the toner was very important, and to use diluted Apple Cider Vinegar if need be.

Since I have all the products at home, I thought there was no harm in trying it out.

My regimen

Cleanser- Diluted Tea tree Dr Bronners

Toner- Diluted honegar (ACV and honey premixed)

Moisturiser- Aloe Vera gel and rosehip oil.

It’s hardly even a week, and  the only thing new I’ve done is use ACV as a toner and this technique. My skin is looking great! My pores look tiny and the spots I had are clearing up quite quickly.

I’m going to continue this for a month and see if the results continue.

I really hope that it does, it will be fabulous for something so cheap and cheerful to work.


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