Slow and Steady

Harley Street

Posted on: April 28, 2009

I had to go to Harley St today to see a consultant that my solicitor arranged. It was made very clear to me that he won’t be giving advice, only to write a report. I got cab both ways, it was £50 in total.

Because I was so excited to get an appointment, I didn’t think about the time of it. Having to go into Central London at 930 in the morning was just stupid. Even though I’d been told no advice, I hoped he would have at least been able to give me a few pointers, maybe some form of exercise or treatment I may have missed.

When I got there, he first suggested stairs. I laughed at that and he showed me to a lift.

He took a basic history, and took the statement I had prepared talking about what I cannot do, then I had to put on a pair of shorts and then it started.

The poking and prodding

Moving my head to see how much my neck moves, then on my back to see how my legs moved. Then out came the little hammer, all reflexes ok. I think there were a few more moves he wanted to do, but at this point I was tearful so he stopped.

He said I definitely need a MRI scan, and he suggested I push as hard for that as I can. He was very scathing at the slow referral and how my case has been handled.

I then pleaded with him to give me more advice, and he told me I was doing everything I could do. He said I might benefit from another type of meds, and I said I’ll discuss it with my doctor. More pills? Deep bloody joy.

Changing out of the shorts took me ages, and he helped me back to the lift and I started crying. Everything hurt, and my little cotton bag that had in my shorts and my purse, keys and phone suddenly became really heavy.

The cabbie I had was lovely, and just kept a stream of jokes going all the way home.

My friend was due to come round for a catch up, so I dosed up on pills and I was still in pain so decided a bottle of wine would ‘assist’ the pain relief.

Just my luck it hasn’t worked.

Yeah mixing pills and drink is wrong, but right now I don’t care.


1 Response to "Harley Street"

I am praying for you!!
I think you did the right thing renaming your blog too. positive ebergy and all that. keep going

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