Slow and Steady

Sometimes being right sucks.

Posted on: May 1, 2009

Now for the last few months, I’ve had the feeling that my workplace are trying to get rid of me because I’ve been off sick for so long.

I had to see occupational health and also an informal meeting with my manager too.

I was still sore from the Harley St appointment, and my workplace is a long drive so by the time I got there, I was quite stiff.

In the appointment, the OH doctor told me why I was asked to see him, he had been asked three questions from my manager: 1) Am I fit for my work duties? 2) Am I fit for light duties? 3) When will I be well?

After asking me questions about my health and medication he said that he cannot say I’m fit for any type of duty and that he can’t put a time of my recovery either.

Then came the kicker: He said that now that decision has been made, the next stage is giving me a bit more time to get well, and if the answers still stand stand I’ll be sacked.

I was obviously upset. I asked him how long they usually give before they move me on to that stage, and he said about 3 months.

So that was the end of that.

I then spoke to my union rep and told her about the conversation. She was very alert and said that it seems like he’s trying to go down a path that we haven’t discussed. She said that the Company’s ill health retirement policy is that you can only get ill health retirement if you can’t do any duties and wouldn’t be able to in the next 2 years, OR you are fit to do another role, but there are no jobs to send you to.

She said that it sounds like he’s trying to cover his own backside and pass me over for ill health pension, and make me leave with nothing. Apparently the Company are getting angry about the amount of people are on ill health pensions so O.H are trying to get the numbers down.

She asked me if I want to go down that route, and I said no not for now. We talked about what I wanted to come out of this meeting (my MRI scan paid for) and that we will keep stalling on any other action for as long as possible.

So the managers came in and in a nutshell, the manager who used to be able to grant requests like this has been given another role, and she cannot grant them any more. She would have to go to someone else now. She was very apologetic and told me that I need to have a letter from my doctor detailing that I need the MRI and a projected cost.

I told her that my doctor will only give me a letter like that if she writes one first. She explained the process of getting such a letter written, and it’s long. I said I’d ask my doctor again to give me a letter. We also discussed where I am in the disciplinary process and what the next stage of that will be, I’ll need to go in again apparently. I warned them that unless my dad was here that wouldn’t happen.

By the time we finished I was so sore that I ended up in a wheelchair to my dad’s car.

I got home, took more painkillers and went straight to bed.

I always knew that they were trying to get rid of me. I just can’t believe they are being so nasty with it.


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