Slow and Steady

Other Chronic Pain sufferers out there.

Posted on: May 2, 2009

Yesterday while in bed trying desperately not to feel sorry for myself I decided to look for other blogs about chronic pain. The first one I stumbled on was by a lady who has a brilliant blog.

My favourite post by her is called Please don’t ask me how I feel. I could kiss her, as I struggle with this and she has written down all my thoughts and feelings about it.

The part that is particularly poignant is this;

Please, I beg of you; please stop expecting me to get well. I may get better but I am never going to be well. I’m doing the best I can by choosing smart doctors, taking my pills and reading everything I can about my illness and chronic pain.

I’ll be honest I haven’t got my head completely around this bit yet, but I’m getting there, and I need others to get there and not make me feel like I’m giving up.

I also found a chronic pain blog by a gentleman. This blog  plucked at my heart strings, and I did cry when I read this post. I can feel the frustration and helplessness in his writing and totally understand what he means.

There are many others too, and I will add them to my list. There really are some good reads.

Here’s a very interesting post about honouring (yes with a U, I’m British afterall! LOL) your limits.

Do you push past the pain, or not?


2 Responses to "Other Chronic Pain sufferers out there."

Hi, I’m pleased you enjoyed my site on Chronic Pain. It’s gratifying to see when others write from their hearts and lives. I know your thoughts and comments here help others as I hope mine do. Lemonade from lemons, right? Sue

Thank you for stopping by Sue, I appreciate it.
Please keep writing and spreading the word. I’ll keep cutting those lemons! x

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