Slow and Steady

Review of my week and weekly goals.

Posted on: May 2, 2009

This week was a really hard week for me. I had go and deal with work which I find quite stressful, and I had to go and be examined which is really painful.

I’ve spent Tuesday afternoon, most of Wednesday, Thursday afternoon, and all day Friday in bed trying to recover. Because of this, I missed the date I should have cancelled my 90 day love film trial, and I’ve had to pay £15. I suppose it’s not bad as it works out £5 a month, but I hadn’t planned for it and I’m annoyed.

In retrospect, knowing that I had to do two long car journeys (each was about a 2 hour round trip), I should have not used the pool at all this week. When I went to the pool on Wednesday I knew I sore, but thought some stretching in the water would help. I done about 2 exercises and felt myself start tightening up in the water (that doesn’t usually happen), so I left and by the time I got home, I barely made it up the stairs.

Food has been awkward. I didn’t do any shopping this week, but it was OK has there was enough in the house to cook the meals I had planned, and I had a few fruits left from last week.

I haven’t had any fruit from Thursday as I couldn’t manage to cut the pineapple. I also couldn’t manage to make anything but the simplest of meals which was the greens and mackerel on Monday and a salad on Tuesday. I ate the salad leftovers on Wednesday, had McDonalds on the way home from work on Thursday and had pizza yesterday. I didn’t have the energy to cook, and my family don’t cook unless it’s easy… They just don’t cook.

I feel a bit more energised today, but am not going to go run around trying to get everything done. I’m going to tidy my room, I’m going to put away my washing and make a simple pasta dish.

Tomorrow, I’ll straighten up my room and make a simple rice dish.

I  have kept the same goals for the past 2 weeks as I haven’t completed them 100%. I’m going to keep doing so until I have completed a whole week of my goals consistently. The 1st tiers are ‘must do’ and 2nd tier is ‘would like to’.

1st tier

In bed before midnight.

Yes, all days, except last night, but I had been in bed all day.

Drink water.

I’ve been better this week, averaging about a litre a day.


I done them on the days I was in bed in pain.

5 minutes of movement everyday.

Nope. There were days it was just too painful.

Read and review another investment book.

I’m still reading the Daily Mail one. I don’t have the concentration levels at the moment to read.

2nd Tier

Spanish Grammar.

Ha! I can’t concentrate in English much less another language.

Go to the pool twice this week.

Yes, one was a lesson and the other was my exercises.


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