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Calling 0800/0870 numbers from a mobile.

Posted on: May 3, 2009

My mum has the house phone locked in her room, so when I need to ring 0800 and 0845 numbers I have to use my mobile. It’s bumping up my bill a lot as my doctor  has an 0845 number, and I do telephone banking.

I searched one of my favourite forums MSE to see if there is a way around it, and as usual, it hasn’t let me down.

To ring an 0800 number you dial either0200 222 0700 or the alternative number 0200 222 0900. Press call and then you’ll hear a voice telling you to enter your number. It will be charged as a landline number, so should come out of your bundled minutes.

For 0870/0845 number there is the brilliant site say no to 0870. It has quite a lot of numbers on there, and it’s rare that I have to dial 0870 (except for my doctors grrr).


3 Responses to "Calling 0800/0870 numbers from a mobile."

Oh that’s so groovy! I know about the saynoto0870 website.. and use it alot. I’m going to add the 0800 numbers to my fone incase I need it in the future. How do u know which number to dial out of the two u’ve posted and does this then mean the call is totally free, as it should be with 0800? I tell u Missy, ur time spent on the net is very useful to all of us. Thank u for sharing this info:-) x

Thank you, I forgot to write what the charge was. It will be charged as a landline number. You have a landline though, so you can use that.

If you are on BT you now get 0870 numbers as part of your free evening calls, did you know that?

Wow I’m going to have to try this.. I normally try the international number… most of the time you can get through… the clever companies block you!

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