Slow and Steady

Meal plans and goals for the week.

Posted on: May 3, 2009

Meal plans


Pasta and pesto with quorn


Spaghetti Bolognese


Prawns and rice


Some form of leftovers


Cornmeal Porridge


My friends birthday she’s having a chicken, coleslaw, hardough bread and karaoke night!


The real food festival.


As I said in a post yesterday, I’m going to keep the same goals until I’m doing the 1st tier consistently.

The first tier are ‘musts’ and the second tier are ‘would like tos’.

1st tier

In bed before midnight.

I have messed my sleeping pattern up and so I’m going to bed at 4/5 am and waking up late in the afternoon. I’m not working at the moment, so some would say it doesn’t matter, however I feel like I’m losing time that could be spent in the library or doing something with my day.

Drink water.

2 litres of water everyday.


Even though it doesn’t help the pain go away, I feel better when I stretch regularly. I’ve found some stretches that can be done without lying down (I don’t have the space) and so will start my daily stretching again.

5 minutes of movement everyday.

I know that trying to walk outside is too much, so I’m going to walk on the spot, maybe even dance (!) to a 5 minute song.

Read and review another investment book.

I have the Daily Mail’s Saving and Investment guide from the library, I can’t believe it’s taking me so long to read this book!

Cancel Love Film

I know that as I’ve paid for the month, I should keep it ans watch as many movies as I can for the month before I cancel it, but I do not want to leave it and then something crops up and I can’t cancel it.

Send receipts to solicitor

I need to sit down and sort the bloody things out.

Phone Experian to sort out my credit report

I checked out my credit report again today, and there are lots of double entries. On the FAQs they don’t deal with that, so I’m going to ring the company and find out how they can be taken off.

Phone my doctor

I’m going to have to sweet talk him to see if he’ll write a letter to me instead of work.

Cancel Catalogue

My gran wanted to order something from one of those adverts in the TV magazines. I ordered them for her as she has no bank cards. It didn’t fit and so she sent it back, however they’ve opened up an account. I completely forgot they’d do a credit search.

Switch off the laptop at 9pm.

I seem to be online all the time, and a lot of the time it isn’t very productive. Switching off at 9 means that I can wind down properly, and maybe even finish reading the book I’m supposed to have finished.

Ring DWP to get my car tax exemption form

As I’m on DLA higher mobility, I am exempt from car tax.

Start looking for car insurance

It runs out the end of the month, so I need to start having a look for value cover.

2nd Tier

Spanish Grammar.

Work through the book I have, just half and hour per day.

Go to the pool twice this week.

The timetable should be back to normal and I can go and do my exercises without the pool being too busy.

There seems like an awful lot in the 1st tier, but it is mostly phone calls so I’m confident that they will be done.


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