Slow and Steady

Am I getting worse? Review of the week.

Posted on: May 10, 2009

On the whole my week was OK.

There is something that I’m a bit worried about. That odd pain I had a few weeks ago, came back a few times this week. Also when I went to the pool to do my exercises, it really hurt. That doesn’t usually happen until I come out of the water. I’m going to cut back my pool exercises to the minimum amount, and cut down my driving to see if that makes a difference.

I really hope that I’m not making anything worse.

The other thing I’m thinking about doing is cutting down on the amount of cooking I do. I’m still giving this some thought, as if I don’t cook no-one else in the house will. My sister actually went to the local chip shop on Friday even though were leftovers, and eggs and cheese that she could have made an omelette with.

My meal plan, wasn’t completely accurate this week.

Monday was a bank holiday and I spent it with a friend who is an ex chef. We were supposed to have a picnic, but it rained so we ended up indoors. If you saw the amount of food  she made… It was only four of us and there was chicken, spicy codfish fritters, salad, cheese, olives, wine, rum punch, I could go on. The table looked like a buffet table, it was incredible.

Tuesday I made quorn and pasta with spinach and mushrooms. Again, no one questioned the quorn, they thought it was chicken and I’m not telling them otherwise!

Wednesday I make bologonese pasta bake. There were not chopped tomatoes in the house and so I used a can of tomato soup, and it came out really nice. I sautéed some spring onions, garlic, tomatoes and mushrooms in some olive oil and then poured the soup in a pot to reduce. I also bulked out the mince with soya mince, and no one noticed that either.

Thursday I went cinema to see Wolverine (fab movie!), and so didn’t cook as there was leftover pasta bake. I actually wasn’t very hungry and just ate some fruit in the evening.

Friday my mum and sister had their own plans, so I had the quorn meal left from Tuesday.

I really want some rice and it’s annoying me that no one is doing as I’ve asked. There is a large bag of rice in a cupboard, I cannot lift it out of the cupboard to put some rice in the rice jar.

For 2 weeks I’ve been asking my mum and sister to fill up the jar, and they still haven’t done it yet. I’m not going to buy rice when there is rice in the house, so until the jar is filled up, they’ll have to make do with pasta.


Here’s a breakdown of the goals I’ve achieved this week. I think it’s quite good considering how sore I felt after I went to the pool on Wednesday.

1st tier

In bed before midnight.

For most of the week I have been in bed before midnight. I was in a flare on Friday and was in bed for most of the day and so I  couldn’t sleep in the night. Tonight, I’m going to aim to be in bed by 2am to get me back on track for the rest of the week.

Drink water.

Most days I’ve drunk 2 litres.


I have stretched most days. On the days  was sore, I done basic stretches.

5 minutes of movement everyday.

I haven’t been the greatest with this. It hurts, and I’m trying to get my head around the fact I’m not making myself worse.

Read and review another investment book.

I’ve finally finished the Daily Mail book! I’ll have a review done hopefully by Tuesday.

Cancel Love Film

*sigh*  Still not done.

Send receipts to solicitor

Done! I’ll pop it in a postbox tomorrow

Phone Experian to sort out my credit report.

All the duplicates were deleted, and she told me that companies update their system every 4-6 weeks. So hopefully by the end of this month, it will show that I’ve paid all my debt off.

Phone my doctor

My doctor is on leave! I’ve set an appointment up with him next week when he gets back.

Cancel Catalogue

All done.

Switch off the laptop at 9pm.


Ring DWP to get my car tax exemption form

The form came this morning and it’s ready to go in the mail tomorrow.

Start looking for car insurance

I’ve had one or two quotes, but will continue the search this week.


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