Slow and Steady

Meal plan and goals for the week… And a revelation!

Posted on: May 10, 2009


Egg and quorn fried rice


Sardines and pasta


Lamb with steamed vegetables









I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to cook this week. There is still no rice in the jar, even though I have asked my sister and my mum, who she is down stairs at this very moment. I’m going to buy some brown rice, that is the rice I normally cook with, and will using that. If they don’t like it,  it’s their business because I’ve been asking them to fill up the jar for weeks now!

Here’s my revelation

I can only change myself.

For months I’ve been trying to get my mum and sister to waste less money, and to eat healthier. They simply don’t want to do it.This weekend my mum went to the supermarket and do you know what she bought? A loaf of bread and some nuts. The rice and pasta jars are both empty, there’s no tinned tomatoes, no fresh vegetables in the house and that is the only thing she could buy?

Instead of stressing about it, and trying to make everything perfect for everyone, I’m going to just cook. If they eat it fine, if they don’t I’ll freeze it and eat it another time. There is just no point me wasting my time, money and energy on them.


Goals for the week.

The first tier are ‘musts’ and the second tier are ‘would like tos’.

1st tier

In bed before midnight.

I’m going to keep trying to be consistent with this one.

Drink water.

2 litres of water everyday.


Even though it doesn’t help the pain go away, I feel better when I stretch regularly. I’ve found some stretches that can be done without lying down (I don’t have the space) and so will start my daily stretching again.

5 minutes of movement everyday.

Read another investment book.

I’m going to start How to read the financial pages this week

Cancel Love Film

Only use the laptop 6 hours per day.

I  find I’m spending too much time online. Rather than a curfew, I think giving myself a time limit is more realistic.

Continue looking for car insurance

Keep trying to bring my doctor appointments forward

2nd Tier

Spanish Grammar.

Half an hour per day.

Go to the pool twice this week.

I’ll drop the repetitions and see if that makes a difference.


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