Slow and Steady

The Real Food Festival

Posted on: May 10, 2009

I went to the Real Food Festival today and I had been looking forward to it for ages. I had saved some money from when I helped out on the door of my friend’s club, to treat myself to some goodies.

I wanted to get some local cheeses, some homemade sauces, and some locally sourced meat.

It was a lovely atmosphere, and talking to the exhibitors was lovely, as they are the people rearing the animals or making the products. Their enthusiasm was catching and I could have bought a million things.

Funnily enough, I ended up with hardly anything. I bought some sausages, 2 different types of pesto sauce, oh and a small bar of chocolate, that was it!

The stand I was looking for with a particular type of cheese was not there. I was gutted because I was really looking forward to that.They do strong cheddar with whisky. I’m not a whisky drinker, but it really works. I ate it with biscuits the last time, but wanted to try it in a dish, something simple like gnocchi and spinach in a cheese sauce.

We didn’t get there until around 2.30 which was late, especially when I have mobility issues. I kept having to stop and so by the time we started thinking about buying, the stalls were packing up.

I will definitely go back it’s a really nice day out.


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