Slow and Steady

My Supermarket rant.

Posted on: May 11, 2009

I use my supermarket very often, and I find it a very handy tool usually.

Today however, I’m not happy with it at all.

I entered all the items I wanted to buy into my ‘trolley,’ and saw that Tesco was the cheapest for my shopping this week. They had a large pineapple for a £1. I don’t really like the fresh fruit and veg from Tesco, but the pineapples are usually nice. I decided that as I was going to Tesco, I’d get the rest of my shopping there too.

So off I went to Tesco and when I got there, the pineapples weren’t on offer! I was told that the offer finished yesterday. As I was there, I decided to just continue with my shopping, however they didn’t have a lot of the things on my list.

My Supermarket asks for your postcode, so they can check the stock in your local supermarket. It obviously didn’t work today!

When I got home, I looked in my ‘virtual’ trolley to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. The pineapple was still there for £1, however when I refreshed the page it was back at it’s normal price. That meant that Sainsburys was actually cheaper and I paid a bit more for my groceries than I needed to, and I don’t have all the items I want!

It obviously updates itself in the afternoon sometime, so I’ll need to remember that when I go shopping.

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