Slow and Steady

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Posted on: May 12, 2009

I phoned the ERC today to see where I stand on having my contract terminated by the company I work for.

They can do it.

If I can’t do my job role, then they have to make reasonable adjustments to give me alternative work.

It’s not that they aren’t making reasonable adjustments, my problem is that I cannot get to work. It’s too far for me to drive, and too many steps and changes on public transport.

The adviser told me to contact Access to Work to see if they can pay for me to get to work, and asked me if I could get down there, would I be able to manage working?

The answer is no.

The drive alone is hard, and let’s not forget what happened when I tried to take a Spanish class.

The only thing I can do, the adviser said, is to ask them for more time to recover.

That’s it.

*deep sigh*


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