Slow and Steady


Posted on: May 13, 2009

Whoopsie = Name given to items that are reduced as the sell by date is the next/same day.

Yesterday I went to the place where the Adult Learning week taster sessions were supposed to be and the gates were locked. I’ve left a telephone message for the coordinator today, and had no response so maybe they’ve cancelled it?

I think it may be lack of interest, but they haven’t publicised this week at all. It’s a shame, with the amount of people being made redundant at the moment, sessions like this are very useful.

On the way home, I decided to get the rest of my groceries for the week, from Sainsburys. It was about 8.30pm.

The last time I went to Sainsburys late, as I was queueing up to check out, there was an announcement that they had put all the reduced items in a fridge the tobacco counter. I was on the other side of the shop, and didn’t have the energy to walk down there, but filed the information for future use.

When I went in yesterday I went straight to that particular fridge. It looked sparse so I didn’t expect anything decent to be left. When I got their though, there was packets of their ‘extra special’ beef mince reduced from £3.19 to 50p!

There was also a joint of beef reduced from £5.80 to £1.50, and a tub of double cream for 35p.

I’ve been wanting some cream to I can attempt to make my own butter.

Now I know where the whoopsies are kept in Sainsburys, I’ll make sure I go around 8ish and see what they have on offer from now on.

When I was back in my car, I phoned the house to ask someone to be ready to help me with the shopping. I had only gone in for some frozen pepper slices and a tin of chopped tomatoes!

My mum was waiting by the door, and she stomped up to the car, took the bags and stomped into the house. I went into the kitchen where she was unpacking the bags.

There was no ‘ooh you picked up some bargains’ or anything, she just piled everything on to the side, went upstairs and slammed the door.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother.


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