Slow and Steady

A very important goal.

Posted on: May 17, 2009

I’ve found that if I write why I want to achieve a goal and how I’m going to do it, I stand a better chance of achieving the goal than just just making a vague goal.

It seems to work for nearly everything except the one goal I really want to achieve.

I want to lose weight. I need to lose weight. I can’t fit into hardly any of my clothes, and even my ‘fat’ jeans are now feeling tight.

I’ve got my whys (possible less pain as less stress on joints etc) and hows, but there still was something missing. For a start, one of my hows cannot be completed. I found that when I kept a photo food diary, I was a lot more disciplined in my eating habits. Unfortunately I’ve broken my camera and the one on my phone has stopped working. Buying a new one isn’t feasible right now, so that means finding another method to hold myself accountable.

I think that being in pain makes it harder to loose weight too. I feel even though I eat quite healthily, I’m just not shifting the weight as I’m not exercising enough.

As I was browsing through blog land I came across this post that reminded me of the basics of setting goals. link

After some thought, here are my SMART

S = Specific: I don’t have scales, I usually go by my measurements. The measurements I like myself at is 34-27-40/41. I’ve never been a skinny waif nor do I want to be. I like my curves.

M = Measurable: I know I’m at my goal when I’ll be able to wear all my clothes.

A = Action-Oriented: The action on my part will be to make sure I get my ‘5 a day’, use portion control when I’m sharing out my food,  and use healthy ways to prepare my food. Those things I can definitely control. I know I can’t control my pain, so I’ll exercise when I can. I could also keep a food diary, to be accountable to myself.

R = Realistic: Normal weight loss for non chronic pain people is about 2 pounds a week. I’m not sure how that translates into inches. Maybe I’ll weigh myself at the local pharmacy once a week like Weight Watchers weigh in days. I think 1 pound a week will be realistic for me, seen as I can’t make any solid exercise goals. Maybe tracking my weight loss on a scale will motivate me. I’ll keep track of inch loss too.

T = Time Limited: I think 6 weeks to lose half a stone (7 pounds) is a good time limit and realistic for the exercise I can do. I’m not sure if half a stone will get me into all of my clothes though. I think I’ll do six weeks blocks until I’ve lost the weight.

As I started to think about it, it came together quite quickly. My first weigh in will be tomorrow and I’ll weigh myself every Monday for the next six weeks. . I’m not going to deny myself anything, but I’ll be serving everything at exactly the right portions to make sure I’m not over eating.

I’m looking forward to fitting into my clothes again!


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