Slow and Steady

Today I was normal again…/ Weight loss diary day 2

Posted on: May 20, 2009

I hate these type of days. Today I got up at my friends house, done my morning routine and had breakfast. I read, watched some tv, browsed online, and posted a blog entry. I felt almost normal, my back wasn’t really hurting and my neck wasn’t pulling. I got a bit excited, and wanted to text everyone how well I was feeling!

After dinner, I washed up and watched a very crappy but addictive ‘reality’ programme. It sucked me in so I ended up going to the supermarket later than I planned. The only thing left of the ‘whoopsies’ was a tub of chicken stock which I didn’t need. Before I even got to the whoopsie fridge my back started hurting. By the time I checked out I holding on to the trolley to keep me moving.

I wouldn’t be upset usually, but I felt so good earlier. So if I do nothing I won’t have as much pain. How shitty is that? I can’t spend my life in the house.


My friend told me there was food but I decided to bring a tin of sardines to make with some pasta and frozen veg just in case. I’m glad to say though it is a very healthy chickpea, vegetable and potato curry.  I’m really enjoying the peace and quiet of my friends house. I wouldn’t like to say I’m anti social, but I really do like my own company!

One thing I noticed today is that I actually felt hungry. I know that sounds silly, but because I’ve been grazing so much recently, I can’t remember when I actually felt hungry. How sad is that!

Here’s my diary for the day


An apple and an orange, fruit and fibre.


2 handfuls of blueberries, a raisin and cinnamon bagel, 2 tablespoons of curried vegetables.


A portion of chickpeas (3 heaped tablespoon), a portion of vegetables and potatoes with 2 tortilla wraps.

A glass of white wine

2 mince puffs. I’d like to add here that there was a chocolate cake in the fridge, and I left it well alone.


Two handfuls of mixed nuts and seeds

What I’ve been doing for the past two days is adding my 5 minutes of movement to my stretches. So before I even go into the bathroom, I stretch and then I find a song that is about 5 minutes long and step to it. I like that because then I can clean up in the bathroom afterwards.

I’ve decided to add a little caveat on my dessert. It has to be something homemade. That way I can control exactly what is going into it. The mince puffs were lovely and light, but I think they were very buttery.

A friend of mine is taking me to see my granny tomorrow, so I don’t have to cook, but am going to make chilli con carne as it always tastes better the next day when the flavours have had a chance to settle.


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