Slow and Steady

I know what will cure your pain…/weight loss diary day 6

Posted on: May 23, 2009

I had a very excited call from a friend today telling me that she’s had a session with a Chinese herbalist who cured her of her pain. She also offered to buy a course of sessions for my birthday, which is a generous wonderful offer.

I said not right now.

I could hear the waves of confusion over the phone. She couldn’t understand why I wasn’t jumping up and down begging to try it today.  I am known as ‘Miss Alternative’. I make my own hair and body products, I have a natural cure for damn near everything.

Last year, I spent a lot of money on the alternative side, and while it offered a bit of relief, it didn’t really work in the long term. I decided to give conventional medicine a try and wanted to see if I could get conclusive proof for what is wrong with me. If not, then I have a list of other alternative treatments I haven’t yet tried.

Once I was on the list for a scan, I decided to not to start any new treatments because I want the results to be as real as possible.

If nothing shows up, then I’ll start working through my list.

If something shows up, I’ll research the conventional and alternative treatment method.

Is that wrong?


WL diary day 6


2 portions of melon with a portion of grapes

A bowl of cereal


A piece of flatbread and a cupcake. If it’s possible to have a crush on food, then that is how I feel about these cupcakes. They’re from co-op and they are lightly lemon flavoured with  lemon curd in the middle and buttercream icing. They are delicious, and I’m hooked, as is my mum.


I did something today I’m very proud of. I passed on eating because I wasn’t hungry and I couldn’t afford to either. Usually, I would order something to pick on, and if I was over budget, I would take the money out of next weeks money.

I know that sounds really simple, but I never do this.

At the restaurant, I had freshly squeezed mango juice with ginger. It was delicious.

At home I had the rest of my carrot soup and 3 slices of bread.


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