Slow and Steady

Up north I go…/ wl diary day 9

Posted on: May 26, 2009

I’m  going to see Beyonce tomorrow, I’m so excited!

It’s a long journey though so  I’ve got my cushions and will make sure I dose up on painkillers before I leave. As we’re going to be in Manchester, I’m hoping my friend will not mind stopping in home bargains, which is a cheap and cheerful shop which is great for the basics. I wish we had shops like this down in London *pouts*

I had plans to bake a loaf of bread today and make some lovely thick cut ham and cheese sandwiches for my friend (it’s her birthday), but I was still quite sore today. Even though the recipe I use to make bread has no kneading, I still felt I couldn”t manage it today.

I’ve made some carrot and lentil soup, and a salad. I’m not paying those extortionate prices at the service stations for food. When I get there, I’m going to treat myself to chips and gravy!


My plan all went a wrong this week. Monday is supposed to be the day I weigh myself at the pharmacy, but that didn’t happen as I was too sore. I’m going to pop there tomorrow before breakfast.


Apple and cereal


7 rich teas *hangs head in shame*


A small bowl of carrot and lentil soup

Pasta with tuna, peppers, tomatoes and spring onion. I was surprised to see that a portion of fish is 140g. My tin of tuna was 130g and I used it for serve for two people.

80g ice cream. I found a tub right at the back of the frezzer which is nearly finished. I’m a Haagan Daaz girl, but this was carte d’or crema de mascapone. It was very tasty.


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