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Yay it works!

Posted on: May 30, 2009

The bluetooth device works perfectly!

I feel a lot better knowing that I can add pictures to my posts now. It’s a tool I find really handy.

Today was not the greatest of days. I had fruit and cereal for breakfast, but I have not bought any groceries this week and there is no fresh vegetables in the house to make soup with, so instead of having a proper lunch, I picked on biscuits all day.

For dinner I had veggie burgers and a cucumber and tomato salad. The veggie burgers were a gift, and I would love to know where they came from. There were recognisable vegetables and seeds in the burgers and they were really tasty.

To offset the picking problem tomorrow, I’m going to make onion soup tomorrow.


I spoke to a friend today and she offered to come to the market with me one day a week to do my shopping. I’m really excited about this, as I’m sure it will cut the cost of my weekly shop significantly. I’m going to ask her to make Tuesdays our shopping day as I find places seem quieter on a Tuesday than other days.

Mealplan for the coming week

I want to start making lighter dishes to reflect the weather. I’m trying to make dinners that can be eaten hot or cold.


2 pieces of fruit and cereal


Soup with homemade bread



Lamb chops with roast potatoes and vegetables


Stir fry with cooked meat from the freezer.


Prawns and cous cous with salad (if warms I’m mix it all together so it’s a salad). The salad will have tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and salad seeds


Mackerel and potato salad (Will serve the mackerel hot or cold according to the weather). The potato salad will have radish, spring onion and peppers.


Sausage and pasta with mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers




Free day


Beef curry with rice and peas and vegetables



I’ve priced up the cost of the shop for this meal plan on and the cheapest total comes up to £14.78 from Asda. I also have to do a basics stock up which comes up to £5.50

It will be interesting to see what the total actually comes to if I go to a market this week.

I already know that there are special offers on some of these products in Lidl, so know that the shop would be cheaper anyway.

My plan is to go to Lidl first and see if I can pick up any of the supermarket stuff cheaper than Asda, then go to the market to see if I can get the fruit and veg cheaper both shops. Finally I’ll go to Asda to pick up anything I haven’t managed to get from my 2 outings. The plan will be to try and do this over 3 days. 2 days if I’m feeling good. This may look like a lot to do to try and get a cheaper price, but to be honest it’s a bit more than that.

I hate going to Asda.

That place has no such thing as a quiet time. I’ve even been there at 3 in the morning and still had to queue for ages!

The times I’ve been there when the crowds have been smaller, there is virtually nothing on the shelves which renders the whole trip useless anyway!

If Asda is only £1 cheaper or less than Tesco or Sainsbury, I will just go to the other two. I know when to visit them when there are little queues  and can be in and out in a reasonable time.


2 Responses to "Yay it works!"

I like the planned approach, I may just have to borrow this one to try and get some routine back in my shopping habits!

I noticed you’ve said some things are optional hot/cold depending on the weather, I always find if I eat a cold meal for lunch or dinner, I’m never satisfied, but if its hot, I ‘think’ I’ve had a proper meal…have you noticed this?

Also with your salad, I’m about to try out a grilled courgette in mine as well (another friend suggested it)1

Good luck!

Planning is a great way to watch your eating and save money too.

I cannot eat cold food if it’s cold, but in the warmer weather cold food seems to fill me up. What I do sometimes though is have 1 element (like the prawns for example) warm on top of salad. Mmm I love grilled courgettes. Enjoy!

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