Slow and Steady

Goals for the week and w/l diary day 14.

Posted on: May 31, 2009

This week I want to focus on being focussed.

I feel like I’m just wondering aimlessly at the moment. I have lots of ideas, but haven’t sat down and put them to paper. I haven’t read a book for a couple of weeks now, which isn’t like me at all. My concentration is shot to pieces at the moment.

I’m going to set aside an hour a day to read and another hour to write down ideas with possible outlines on how I could get those ideas into fruition.

I’ll set an alarm on my phone so I stop and pick it up.

I find setting an alarm helps me keep to my routine. I did it for my stretches, and am currently doing it for my medication.


I’m quite happy with my progress so far. I’ve been consistent with my walk/step exercises everyday. I’m now up to about 6 minutes everyday. Considering last week was my pmt week, I think I did quite well. I did pick at snacks, but I didn’t eat a whole lot of cheese like I usually do.

Today quite a good day, I got up late so had my fruit and cereal for brunch for brunch and then had a three course meal!

Onion soup

Honey and mint lamb chop with garlic potatoes,  macaroni cheese and vegetables.

Lemon sorbet.

I also had a packet of crisp later in the evening. My mum bought home a selection of cakes from church. I tried a bit off the sweet potato pudding and it was disgusting so I threw it out.


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