Slow and Steady

wl diary days 16–17

Posted on: June 3, 2009

I went to the market yesterday with a friend and it was fab. It was a lot cheaper than supermarkets in the fruit department, and some veggies were cheaper than supermarkets, but not all.

My friend decided that she didn’t want to cook, so treated me to a lovely lunch in her local deli.

I was very good and refused dessert, and later at her house, I turned down Magnum ice lollies and cheesecake (which I never do!) and had a portion of water melon. We also had a Martini cocktail.

I wasn’t completely an angel though, I had a bag of jelly babies from Lidl.




Ham salad


A quarter of a pepperoni pizza and a portion of watermelon. It was a thin crust one. I didn’t take a picture as my phone was dead.


A bag of jelly babies and a martini cocktail


Today was a strange day. I feel really tired, but in all fairness, I’ve not done anything much. I went to the library and then filled out my application form for a CELTA course. The course helps you teach English as a foreign language. It’s a very hard and intense course, it stands apart from some of the other TEFL courses as it is devised by Cambridge. The classes are very competitive, and to be honest, I found the selction tasks a bit difficult, but I’m going to give it a go anywhere.


Grapes and apples. I decided to take a picture of my breakfast to show what a portion of fruit looks like. I didn’t think a portion would be as many grapes as this, but I weighed them and this was 80g!


My friend came to give me some groceries I left in her car and she bought me some of the stir-fry she prepared. I was happy as that meant no cooking… Then I felt bad that my mum would come in to no food, so I made her a sardine and pasta dish.

I have a friend coming round tomorrow, and am struggling to think of what to make for her. My Thursday dish is Sausage and pasta. I think I’ll do that d serve a separate side salad, or maybe make the dish a warm salad dish? Mmm decisions decisions!


A slice of the crumbly cake


8 rich tea biscuits


2 Responses to "wl diary days 16–17"

Hi I completed a CELTA course in June 08 and taught English for the rest of that Summer and into 2009. It is an intensive course but also enjoyable – if you want any tips or advice contact me.

Thank you so much Tanti, if I get an interview, I’ll definitely be in touch. 🙂

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