Slow and Steady

A brand new sister/ wl diary day 20

Posted on: June 7, 2009

My dad was trying for world domination in his younger days. I have about 20 siblings on my dads side. I haven’t met them all because they don’t all live here in England. My sister who lives up north was down for the weekend, and he took her around seeing as many of us as possible. He decided to take her to see a sister I’ve never met before, and I decided to join them.

We had an absolutely great time, she has the life that I have been dreaming about. She’s married, has 5 gorgeous kids and eats how I’ve been aspiring to for a long time. She’s practically vegan and training to be a holistic dietitian. She’s growing tomatoes and aloe vera, and her husband has started clearing out the garden to put in a little vegetable patch.

She was showing me how she uses non gluten flour for traditional Jamaican dishes, and I was telling her what best to mix shea butter with to make body lotions.  I think she was surprised at my knowledge, it’s all quite new to her and so she’s really enthusiastic. When I told her how to make make almond milk she nearly died with excitement, and I explained to her how I became so knowledgeable.

I have endometrosis, and had a laparoscopy and had some tissue burned away. Even after that though, I was still having really painful periods. I decided to not only change my eating habits, but to do a total body cleanse.

I went to Thailand and fasted for a week and did daily colonics. While I was out there, I read a lot of books about traditional diets of Africans before slavery, and why certain ‘healthy’ things like diary products are not good for people of colour.

I felt fabulous, and when I came back, I still ate meat, but very rarely. I would only eat raw fruits and veg for breakfast and lunch, and my plate was 50% raw for dinner. My snacks were nuts and seeds and I looked and felt fabulous.

Then pressures of life started to get to me. I had to move out of the place I was renting in a day because of a dodgy landlord, and then I was house sharing and it was impossible to set up the same the kitchen in  the way I needed it and in truth I got a bit lazy. Then I started to have accidents and all those eating habits have all but disappeared.

Talking to her made me realise how far away I am from my own ideals. I’m eating white rice/flour/pasta, when I never used to before, and have started eating more diary than I know is good for me. To be honest I’m not sure if I would go back to being as stringent as before, but I have completely gone off the rails. I don’t have the energy to cook 2 meals though. I know that my mum and sister will not eat brown rice/pasta/flour, the one dish I made a few weeks back with brown rice made them fill up the rice jar (which has been empty for weeks and I’ve been asking them to fill up from the 5kg bag in the cupboard) immediately!

I simply cannot cook two meals so I’m going to have to be as healthy as I can be here, and when I move out, I’ll start incorporating my old ways back into my life.

It was lovely to meet her though, and I’ve been invited back next weekend for a birthday party.

It was interesting to watch the dynamics between my dad and my sisters. The two I was around yesterday were both born in Jamaica, and there is a difference between them and us born in England. I am a huge critic of my dads babymaking ways and we clash on a lot of topics, whereas they just seem to get it. They can somehow wrap him around their little finger in way I would never try.



An apple and a nectarine


And then my phone camera died… Well not completely, but the flash isn’t working so I can only take pictures in the daylight. I’ve seen a camera on special offer that I’m going to get this week. I need my phone to be a phone most importantly.


Chicken soup with potato and dumpling.


A custard cream, I have to say that Lidl’s custard creams are disgusting. Sainsbury’s basics are much better.

At my sisters she was telling me how great dumplings are made with rye flour instead of white flour. So I had 1 of those with some ackee.

I was very proud of the fact that my dad bought a whole lot of junk for kids (my sister went mad, as they just don’t eat that stuff), and I didn’t take a packet of crisps even though I wanted to.


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