Slow and Steady

Going to the market vs Going to the supermarket

Posted on: June 7, 2009

This week I wanted to see if it really was worth the effort going my local market instead of going to the supermarket.

My market still has most of their signs in pounds. I’ve converted it to grams for comparison. Now 500g is 1.102 pounds, but for ease I’m going to go with 500g=1lb.

I used Asda as the comparison because it came up as the cheapest when I used


Asda price £1.39p for 500g

Market £1 for 500g

Baby Plum  tomatoes

Asda price £2 for 500g

Market 70p for 500g


Asda Price 40p for 500g

Market 50p for 500g


Asda price £1 for 2

Market 96p for 2


Asda price 20p each x 8 = £1.60

Market 8 =£1


Now the market eggs say that they are free range, but have no markings on them, so I’m going to compare them to the normal range to be fair.

Asda Price 6 eggs = £1.37

Market 6 eggs = 80p


Asda price = £1.47 a kilo 2.1 kilo =£3.087

Market 8=£1 I weighed the 8 and it was 2.1kg. That’s roughly about 50p for a kg.

Galia melon – This is a hard one to compare because I don’t know what size the Asda ones are. The one I got from the market was quite small. I’m not going to include this in the comparison, but here are the prices anyway.

Asda price £1

Market £1 (2 for £1, and I gave my friend one, and she gave me half of her spring onion)


Asda total £10.85

Market total £5.96

Additional comments

Onions were 35p/lb in the market, which is 500g. Onions in Asda are 87p/kg so it’s cheaper to buy at the market but

Lidl had a special offer on this week 1kg =34p.

8 apples weighted 2.1kg. When I started to put 2.1 kgs worth of apples in the trolley it got up to about 12 before I just decided to do the calculation. LOL

Supermarket bits

Smoked mackerel with peppercorns

Asda price £7.92/kg 300g = £2.38

Lidl £7.667/kg 300g = £2.30


Asda £1 each 3= £3

Lidl 39p each (special offer) 3=£1.17


Asda 87p

Lidl 34p

Frozen Sweetcorn I was really surprised that this wasn’t sold in Lidl. As you can see Asda is significantly cheaper, but when I drove into the car park it was full and I wasn’t going to queue for 1 item.

Asda 68p/kg

Iceland £1/kg

Salad seeds

Asda 93.8/100g 175g =£1.64

Lidl 45.1/100g = 79p


Asda =£8.51

Lidl/Iceland = £5.60

So all in all I spent £11.56. The same basket in Asda would have been £19.36 (excluding the melon)

I got more than I had set out to buy for less than the original shopping trolley!

As long as I can get a friend to help me, I’ll definitely be making more use of my market.


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