Slow and Steady

Tired tired tired/ wl diary day 21

Posted on: June 7, 2009

I barely slept last night as I miscounted my sleeping pills again and I’m up in pain without them. That plus the thunder has had me up for ages now. I was trying to stay up for apprentice, but I can’t manage any longer.
I’ve also remembered I’ve got this bloody interview with the job centre tomorrow at 10am. It’s not even at my local one, so I’m going to have to get a cab in the morning. I hope that it isn’t too long.


The bra I’ve had to buy since putting on weight has got looser! I’ve got my weigh in tomorrow, but don’t know if the pharmacy is going to be open before I have to leave for this bloody appointment.


A apple and a portion of mango.


Lemon roasted potatoes and mushrooms with smoked mackerel.

I’ll have to add the picture tomorrow as my sister is using my phone. Off to bed I go!


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