Slow and Steady

Bloody Benefits agencies!/ wl diary day 23

Posted on: June 9, 2009

As I get Disability Living Allowance, I am entitled to free car tax. When the reminder came, I sent off for the tax exemption form. I sent it back on the 11th May. The end of the month came, and I still hadn’t received the exemption certificate, and so I phoned the office and asked what had happened.

I was told that the form had been received, and that they’ll send it out as soon as possible. I phoned again to check last week, and was told it will be in the post. Today, I phoned up to find out where the certificate was, and was told there is no record of me sending back the form, and no record of me phoning. I was furious!

The guy said that he would have to send out a duplicate copy and that I should ring the DVLA and ask them what I should do to ensure my car doesn’t get towed, or I get a fine.

I phoned the DVLA and was told to either a) buy a tax disc or b) get my car of the road.

I can’t do B, so I had to buy a tax disc today. I can get a refund once I get the certificate, but will lose be charged a full month, for any part month I use. I’m pissed off. I’ve written a letter of complaint and have requested that they pay me back for the month I will be charged for.

This is a stark reminder to get names when dealing with anyone by phone.

I got yet another 50 billion page form from the Job Centre today. After sorting  out the forms with the DLA, I was not in the mood to talk to another benefit department, so will deal with them first thing tomorrow.


Even though I’m losing weight, I decided to get some new bottoms to wear, I’m sick of wearing the same pair of jeans all the time. I set myself a rule. I could only spend £5 max on each item from a charity shop. I went to three today and didn’t find anything. I tried on a pair of trousers from marks and spencers and it was too tight. It was a size 18, I would have been upset, but the dress I was wearing was a 10!


Weighed myself at the pharmacy today and was 12.12, that’s one pound off from last week. I’m happy with that, like I’ve said I don’t want this to be a quick fix. I’ve figured out though if I want to lose about 2 stone, it’s going to take 4 months. That seems like ages!

I went to the pool today for the first time in a fortnight. It felt so good! My exercise routine in the water is getting quite boring now, I’m going to see if I can find some new exercises to do online.





Snickers bar… I know I know, I haven’t made any soup this week, and I was in the 99p store and spotted 6 snicker bars for 99p! My sister loves these so I decided to treat her. I had one as I was hungry. I am also proud of the fact that I picked up a bag of fudge, but then put it down again.


Beef stew with rice and peas and salad with salad cream.


Black cake


A handful of pretzel sticks


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