Slow and Steady

Bloody Benefits Agencies pt2/ wl diary 24-25

Posted on: June 11, 2009

I got a letter this morning to say I’m now on Employment Support Allowance. Sounds like good news right? NO

I’m not supposed to be on it as I’m getting paid from my employer.  I’ve told them and they are not listening and I can see in a few months, they’ll write to me telling me I’ve made fraudulent claims, and they will stop ALL my benefits while they investigate. I’m really not sure what they need to do to get the system running more efficiently, but they need to do something because this way is simply not working.

I’ve been trying to get through to them for the past 2 days and all I get is a message saying to try later.




A portion of mango


Salad sandwich


2 mushroom, onion and cheese tarts with broccoli. I made enough for two each, but I still haven’t figured my mums oven yet and completely burned 2 of the tart cases. I dished up 1 each but my sister had eaten somewhere else and so I took my other one later.

I attempted to make a coconut version of ‘chocolate cake in a mug’, but I ate half and decided that I didn’t like it.


A slice of bread and butter

Day 25

One of my good friends birthday and she warned me that it was going to be an unhealthy day. She had planned a dinner, and then rang me yesterday to tell me that she was coming for me early so we could have a Champagne brunch.


3 portions of mango.


A huge packet of crisps, some potato wedges and breaded mushroom with a couple of Kir Royales. Apple crumble and ice cream.


I must pat myself on the back here. We went to a Thai restaurant and I didn’t order any of my usual fried starters.

Side of steamed spinach shared with some else as a starter.

Chicken green curry with steamed (not coconut which I usually get) rice.

A cocktail, I can’t remember the ingredients, but it was lovely.


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